On Rituals: Our year in routines

It is no secret that this has been a consequential and tumultuous year for all of us. We're grateful for the rituals and routines that have helped us keep a steady rhythm throughout all of this. We wanted to share some of our cherished rituals with you you as we head into the winter. As we cocoon ourselves at home, we'll be building our days around these to stay grounded. We hope that they inspire some rituals of your own. And if you have any that have helped you throughout this year, please share them with us! 


Ceramics -  This is my hobby, my sport, my meditation. I throw at night for an hour or two to unwind, then I trim in the morning to clear my mind before my day starts. My favorite studio back home in New York is Choplet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I miss it!

Tea time - There is a sencha tea that I serve at our CPH store. It's from a local business here, Sing Tehus. Every morning begins with brewing tea. There's this intense green color which appears as soon as I pour the water in. Always makes me so happy to see! I swear, it brings calm smile to everyone's face when they walk into the store and see that pot of tea.


Morning Incense - I light an incense in the morning every few days. It helps me to take a moment to breathe and stay present as I start my day. 

Flower Power - I've been enjoying playing around with building floral arrangements. My way of bringing nature indoors. It also gives my 7115 fragrance vessels a second life as vases. 



Knitting - I've recently picked up knitting again and it's been a calming past time for me these last several months. I tend to like to keep myself busy so these are great little projects I can work on whilst on the phone, listening to a podcast, or watching a show. Plus, all the end results make great gifts as well!

Face Masks - I'm not one to have any intricate beauty routines, but I do like to pamper myself with an at home face mask as often as I can. As I mentioned above, I'm a busy bee, so activities to slow me down are also greatly appreciated. I wear glasses, so putting on a face mask, physically forces me to take my glasses off and just relax.


Moon Meditations - Keeping track of the new moons and full moons, and their significance, throughout the year has been really enjoyable/revelatory for me. I've been trying to set some intentions each time a new moon rolls around and journal a few pages. Then as the full moon arrives, I jot down some reflections and take stock of everything that's happened the month. It's been a great way to check in with myself and to also keep track of time to avoid the months blurring into one long day. 

Pickling - Pickled carrots, pickled shallots, preserved lemons. If there ever was a year for it, this was it! I'm a huge breakfast person and the pickled carrots have a been a breakfast game changer for me. The process of pickling vegetables is also so therapeutic and satisfying. Highly recommend! 


Mixtapes - During this hectic year, there have been a few activities that have helped me get through it. The main one has been making playlists based on my mood. I feel like this is my own form of journaling. It helps me understand and accept my feelings and channel them into something I enjoy! I've created playlists for my mornings, for times when I'm feeling nostalgic, and for when I just need a pick me up. My favorite one I've created so far is a collaborative dance playlist I share with my friends. I highly recommend doing this with your friends. It helps a lot when you're stuck at home and feeling a bit isolated!

For those looking for a music ritual, perhaps we can entice you with this calming unwind playlist that Zaya put together for you. 

Nightcap - Another activity I picked up is mastering the art of cocktails! My current two favorites are the classics, Gin and Tonic and Negroni. Both are Gin based and super easy to make! The perfect modification to the classic G&T is adding a few slices of cucumber. It gives it a really refreshing finish. For my Negronis, I like to add a few splashes of bitters. It gives the drink more complexity and accentuates all the flavors a bit more. 

Negroni Recipe

1 ounce Gin -- My favorite is Roku Gin by Suntory
1 ounce Campari
1 ounce sweet vermouth
3-4 splashes aromatic bitters
Garnish: Orange peel

Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass (Or you can also use a cocktail shaker!) with a lot of ice, and stir until the glass feels cold.

Strain into a glass filled with ice and garnish with an orange peel.  


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