7115WFH: Uniform - The 4-Ways Dress

Two weeks into the WFH situation and I found myself really wanting to get dressed up. So I popped on my trusty old Signature 4-Ways Dress. This has always been my go-to summer and occasion dress. I’ve worn it to work but also weddings, date nights or parties. 

The funny thing is, it feels oddly appropriate to wear at home too. I spent all day in it: making breakfast, doing work, cleaning up my son’s bedroom, playtime with him, doing more work and then making dinner before winding down with my husband to watch some Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s one of the only good things streaming over here… 

The dress looks fancy because of the way the fabric gathers and because of the open back. Yet it’s really comfortable because of how fluid the fabric is. It felt like I was wearing a silk night robe but it didn't look like it. This black edition I own isn’t silk though. It’s a linen-rayon fabric that is incredibly soft. It drapes close to the body and moves with you well. It feels almost silk-like against the body because of the rayon, but there’s a slight earthiness that comes from the linen portion of the fabric. 

Also, one benefit of wearing this at home: I know the open back has been a source of intimidation for some people, but the best thing is that these days is that there’s no one else around but your family, your housemates or your houseplants (if you’re solo-isolating). So really, there’s no one to worry about! Haha! 

One of my top recommendations throughout these strange times is to get dressed for the day. It’s helped me to find a rhythm in my days, to give myself something to look forward to in the mornings too. Now I’m going to add in the recommendation of getting dressed up. I’m not just talking about a WFH outfit. I’m talking about a Saturday night in kinda outfit. It’ll help break up the monotony of the week and you know what, it’s just fun to get dressed up. Makes you feel like a kid again. And that’s what we need these days. A little fun.

P.S. We’ve had many requests over the years to do a video tutorial on how this ‘4-ways’ dress works. Since I now have a little more time on my hands I decided to make a quick video on how it works and the four very different ways to wear it.


 “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

- Viviane Greene

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