7115WFH: Uniform - The Sumo Jacket

How is everyone holding up? I know it’s been a rough few weeks... but I think we are adapting alright with all things considered. You are tougher than you think, hey?

It's been a long three weeks and our stores have been closed a little longer than we'd anticipated. While it's tough, we're grateful for everyone who has been supporting us over these last few weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the kindness and support you've all shown us... 

This week, I decided to introduce a small dressing challenge to the mix just to keep things interesting and to give myself a tiny thing to look forward to while I get changed in the morning. I wanted to see how far I could stretch one of my favorite pieces.

This period has re-ignited my love affair with the Signature Sumo Jacket. This jacket has served me so well over all these years. This one that I've been wearing is now three years old. I first prototyped it back in 2017, then it debuted in our Fall/Winter collection later that year. And it hasn't left our collections since. 

Here's all the "new" ways I styled the Sumo Jacket while working from home this week. I kinda cheated because I had to sanitize my black Sumo Jacket after our grocery run on Wednesday, so I switched it out for the SS20 Oatmeal Sumo Jacket

DAY 1 - Sumo Jacket in Black + Old T-Shirt + Pleated Skate Trouser in Off-White

DAY 2 - Sumo Jacket in Black + Raw Silk Maxi Shirtdress in Off-White

DAY 3 - Sumo Jacket in Black + Old T-Shirt, Pleated Skate Trouser in Navy + Carry-All Bag in Oatmeal 

DAY 4 - Sumo Jacket in Oatmeal + Dolman Shirt in Off-White + Lantern Trouser in Off-White

DAY 5 - Sumo Jacket in Oatmeal + Relaxed Tapering Trouser in Black + Tank top in Black

And there you have it! One (well, one point five) jacket, five different ways to wear it during your WFH days. 

Be well everyone! 



“When we are overwhelmed it is a moment when we need our own love, kindness and compassion the most.”

-- Matt Kahn

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