Inside Out: Signature Deconstructed Blazer

At 7115, we care deeply about construction. Making a beautiful piece starts from the inside and so we begin there: spending just as much time on the interior as the exterior of any given garment.

Called the “Deconstructed Blazer” as a nod to the intricate thought process that went into its development, our signature blazer is an absolute labor of love. We've picked apart all the elements that make up a traditional blazer and worked in our knowledge and expertise to improve these different elements.

We were able to create a blazer that is not just limited to professionals but offers women a more inclusive piece that can be worn day-to-day for a refined and tailored yet versatile look.

  • Crafted in a crisp, breathable linen-cotton blend suitable to wear year-round.
  • In order to achieve the traditional silhouette of a blazer, we created a four-panel structure. Most commercial blazers are crafted using only two panels while ours was designed with four panels in the front and four panels in the back. Our construction allows for a softer feel and more flattering fit.

  • Traditionally, darts on a blazer create a feeling of structured formality. Using our four-panel structure, we were able to omit the darts and avoid that feeling of formality, allowing the piece to transition with ease between work and play.

  • Instead of featuring a traditional lapel—which can seem too formal and be quite heavy—we distilled the essence of a lapel into the two minimalistic cutouts along the collar of the blazer. This softens the look and gives our Deconstructed Blazer a modern edge.

  • Aiming to avoid a silhouette too bulky, we designed the Deconstructed Blazer without lining to allow for a tailored, flattering fit. No lining also ensures that the piece be worn comfortably throughout warmer seasons and offers the flexibility to easily layer during colder weather.
  • Because there was no lining, the construction of this garment was a challenging process. We worked meticulously to achieve a polished, finished and clean interior despite the lack of lining. All interior seams are beautifully bonded and piped to perfection. We believe a flawless interior construction is essential to any garment we produce and allows for maximum comfort-of-wear.



Deconstructed Blazer

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