How To: Packing For Copenhagen

At the end of this month I will be taking a trip to Copenhagen to share our upcoming FW19 collection with buyers in the European region, to hopefully continue sharing our line and making it accessible for more people around the world. For those of you who may not know, on top of our retail brick and mortar stores in New York, we run a wholesale division to our business. We partner with independent boutiques who are then able to share our brand and sell our products with different communities around the world. What this involves is showing our line to buyers at independent boutiques at the start of every season, so they can curate our collection and pick out what to sell in their stores. This is why I’ll be heading to Copenhagen, to show our line to buyers at the Revolver Trade Show. This trip will total 10 days: one day flying in and out (red-eye), two days of grunt work (set up the show, a lot of heavy lifting), three days of meetings (business casual), and four days of chilling out with the family. I am known to be a light packer, but for this trip I need to pack extra light because I am also bringing the entire FW19 collection and a 6 month old. It’s going to be interesting...

January is cold in Copenhagen, however, the majority of my activities are going to be indoor with plenty of heat. Last time I went to Copenhagen I made the mistake of only bringing sweaters. I was sweating through my clothes during the show and the setup! Therefore, I will be smart this time around. I plan on bringing some nice and easy lighter pieces with me and layer up for the cold.

Here is a small list of core clothing items that I will pack:

  • Signature Linen Deconstructed Blazer -  This is the perfect piece to wear in a business casual setting. It is stylish enough to represent my aesthetic (7115's aesthetic), but also put together enough for me to feel appropriate/confident to speak about the mission and vision of 7115 (plus other business-y type things).
  • Signature Linen Cropped Wide-legged Trouser - It's always refreshing to have a pair of white trousers. It goes with anything!!! Especially since the last few days of the trip will be spent relaxing with my family, I wanted something that was practical and easy to style but still stylish enough for heading out to dinner, or things like that. The added bonus is the wide-legged silhouette allows me to wear a layer of heat-tech underneath without anyone noticing it. :) And did I mention is super comfortable for any kind of moving and bending? Extra points for when we do the set up (or when I carry baby Cody around everywhere!). I understand that some would say white is easy to get dirt on. And it's totally a valid concern, but I embrace it. It's linen so you can wash it and it gets even softer and has more character each time it gets washed! Just don't get wine or sauce on it. Put a napkin on it before eating!!!!
  • Signature Linen Reversible Tank - Off-White - Bringing a white top is a strategic move. That way, I can have an all-white outfit, which is quite handy for me. I don't ever pack dressy clothes with my when I travel, but an all-white outfit is an instant statement without being overdone. In addition, with a roomy top like this one, I can easily throw on a turtleneck heattech underneath (it comes in white)!! I also love that this top has a reversible neckline so technically I’m packing two tops. 
  • Signature Linen Relaxed Tapering Trouser - This would the other comfortable pair of trousers to work and play in, but it's tapered, which bring another sensibility to the mix.
  • Chevron Sleeves Chunky Sweater - Yak - It’s cold, which means I will need sweaters. I don’t have a lot of space but this one definitely makes the cut. It is so so light in weight, extremely soft and incredibly warm. The color also just works perfectly with the rest of my palette.
  • For outerwear, I am cheating a little here...I will be wearing one of the FW19 samples, a heavy wool coat that I am showing at the show. That way I can save a bit of the luggage space and weight, which worked out perfectly on my last trip to Copenhagen as well. :P

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