How To: Stripes for a Minimalist Wardrobe

If you are looking to refresh your seasonal wardrobe, you may want to consider adding a striped piece. Stripes are a classic pattern that can blend very easily with solid colored basics. We've put together this styling cheat sheet, using our Spring Starter Kit as a base, to show how you can work stripes into your outfits while still working within the constraints of a minimalist wardrobe.

Most of the pieces in our Spring Starter Kit are Signature collection items. We design our seasonal editions to complement these timeless Signature styles. You can mix and match your Signature pieces and instantly refresh them with even just one new seasonal piece. By being intentional and picking something clever that you know you can stretch out over multiple looks, you can easily breathe new life into your existing wardrobe without breaking the bank and without adding excess to your closet.  

Here we've chosen different pieces from our SS20 Stripe Capsule to put together some looks to help you narrow down which seasonal addition you'd like for your capsule wardrobe.


The Summer Sundress captures the spirit of sunny days. This fun, bold stripe edition is inspired by warm weather adventures. Dips in the ocean, long nature walks, watching the sun sink beneath the horizon. One twirl and it'll feel like summer no matter where you are. The great thing about this dress is that it can also double as a skirt. Because of where the waist sits, through some layering tricks you can create the illusion of a high waisted skirt. 

For this look, layer the Linen Textured Tank Tee in Off-White over the top of the dress to create the illusion of a skirt. Tuck to crop, secure and fasten with safety pins if needed.

If you have a darker colored tank, you can do the same thing. We paired the Olive tank with the Oatmeal Carry-All to lighten up the look for summer.

Feeling chilly? The Signature Dolman Shirt can be worn button or unbuttoned over the top. Unbuttoned, it serves as a light jacket. Roll up the sleeves to hit the right proportions and give it a laid back feel.

The tie, always a handy trick. Here you can tie up the front of the Dolman Shirt to again, create the illusion of a high-waisted skirt. Not only is this one dress a standalone winner, but you can do a lot with it using existing tops from your Spring Starter Kit.  


If you are someone who prefers to have a statement pair of bottoms in your capsule wardrobe then the Pleated Trouser would be a good pick for you. With statement bottoms, you can easily liven up a simple tank or tee. 

For this first look, we've paired both the Light Stripe and Dark Stripe edition of the trousers with a simple white tank. You can achieve the same look with a plain white tee as well. The key to working with these striped bottoms is to tuck solid colored tops into it to allow the stripes and belted waistline to take center stage.


On a similar note, you can also pair these trousers with a plain button down. Whether tucked in or left untucked, it introduces a bit of excitement to a smart casual look.

Putting it all together. You can make the most of all your Spring Starter Kit tops for this last look. Tuck in a tank in and layer a button up shirt over the top as a light jacket. 


This is an extremely versatile number. This sleeveless wrap-front dress can double as a long vest. If you're choosing to use it as a layering piece, undo the cinch at the waist and wear it open. The Karate Vest Dress is a more intricate and dramatic way to work stripes into your capsule wardrobe. This piece is a good addition if you're someone who's a fan or layers and more unorthodox shapes and silhouettes.

Our favorite way to style this as a vest dress is to set the foundation with an all-white outfit so that the stripes can shine. For this look, we've layered the light stripe over the Off-White Pleated Skate Trouser and Linen Textured Tee Tank. Either the Dark Stripe or Light Stripe will look good against a white base. 

For a bit more color-blocking, opt for the Olive Linen Textured Tank Tee. Just remember to keep your bottoms a muted color, like an off-white, to avoid too many tones clashing. 

This last look would be a great option for work (or well, WFH, for the time being). Using the Dolman Shirt and Pleated Skate Trouser as your base, you would then simply layer the Karate Vest Dress (worn open) over the time for a chic meeting-appropriate look. 

We had a lot of fun putting these looks together. Overall, we found that each striped piece brought a very different vibe to each of the core Spring Starter Kit pieces that we worked with. So we recommend taking a look over this cheat sheet to see which striped style will work best within your lifestyle and your wardrobe. Until next time! 


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