As we look towards the warmer months, we realize that one of the best things about summer is how it can look vastly different depending on where you are in the world, but also at the same time feel so familiar and universal no matter where you are. Summer is synonymous with sunshine, joy, vibrancy, exuberance, and exploration. We’re excited for this summer—for more time spent outdoors, in nature, by the sea, under the sun, under the stars. In New York, in particular, summer can be so fleeting which makes us want to capture and preserve it so we can savor it for as long as possible. This is our attempt at doing so. We asked two 7115 team members—Laura from #7115CPH and Zaya from #7115LES—to jump on a chat and share the things they’re most looking forward to this summer. A fun fact: both Laura and Zaya started out as 7115 fans before joining our team so they share a special bond. We joke that they’re each other’s counterparts. And there have been many occasions where they’ve coincidentally picked up the exact same pieces for themselves, leaving all of us here at 7115 with bellies sore from laughter. We’re honored to have these two kindred spirits on board, and to drop in on this conversation to learn about their summertime favorites in Copenhagen and New York, respectively. 



Hi Laura!

Laura: Hi Zaya!

Z: It's so nice to catch up with you! Where are you now?

L: Yeah.. really funny ... via chat. Like back in the 90s. I am currently in Berlin.

Z: So true! How is Berlin right now?

L: Berlin today was Northern Europe summer in a nutshell: super cold in the morning and I was wearing long sleeves, jacket and long pants. During the afternoon the sun came out and it got super hot! The sun is strong here. How is the vibe and weather in New York?

Z: Wow! That sounds really similar to San Francisco weather. It's very humid and hot in New York but a bit gloomy and rainy. I'm really looking forward to the sunny summer days coming up. This is my second summer here so I'm excited! Does it get warmer in Berlin in the later months?

L: I have to say even with the humidity, I quite like New York summers! Berlin in general is a bit hotter than Copenhagen, just because it's inland. Copenhagen is on the coast and will always have the wind. But for both cities, you HAVE to know your layers. If I go out for several hours, I always bring a light jacket or long sleeve, because you just don't know if you'll get cold later.

Z: Oh, very different from New York! I'm really looking forward to summer here. Picnics at Washington Square Park and people watching is so fun. I hope you visit sometime. Is there anything you're looking forward to this summer?

"The one thing I look forward to with season changes is the energy shift. I feel like when it gets warmer I love seeing friends and families enjoying their time outdoors."

L: Exactly like you... the picnics and meeting people outside! Eating together. It's so cozy sitting outside. Everyone is relaxed and comfortable and happy to be outside after a long winter. That's really my favorite thing, spending time with friends outside, taking walks and talking or sitting in the park! Is there one thing that is THE ONE thing you always look forward to when the seasons change?

Z: I love that! I think we will have a wonderful time if we are in the same city in the summer!

L: I would think so too :)

Z: The one thing I look forward to with season changes is the energy shift. I feel like when it gets warmer I love seeing friends and families enjoying their time outdoors. And when fall/winter comes I love the cozy energy with everyone bundled up and sipping hot cocoa! How about you?

L: Maybe because I grew up in Denmark with loooong winters, I always have extra cravings for the summer... Hmm, one thing that may seem small but is the best, is Danish strawberries. It is such a short time period when they are in season, but they are so delicious! I haven't been in any other country tasting strawberries that top it. They are so good! Eat it by themselves, on breakfast, with ice cream, heavy cream...It's all delightful. Do you have a favorite summer food?

Z: I love strawberries! One day I must try Danish strawberries. Especially with heavy cream. Sounds so delicious! My favorite summer food is watermelon! I used to always have them whenever I went swimming as a kid. It makes me nostalgic for that time and is just the perfect fruit for a hot day. Do you have any fun big summer plans?

L: Yes absolutely. So refreshing! Hmm. I wasn't sure it was going to be possible because of Covid, but I am actually going to Barcelona for a [yoga] training and I will apartment-swap with my friend and stay there a few days after the training finishes, which is going to be so nice! I also always look forward to going to Copenhagen too, even though the weather is hard to trust. Copenhagen summer is something really special. You can bike everywhere, enjoy the outdoors, good swimming options in the city and beach nearby. And I have to say with the changing weather, I wear the Sumo Jacket so much!!! I have the Navy Sumo Jacket on every day! It's so soft, light and easy to throw on. Do you have one special piece that has been your most-used lately?

Z: Barcelona sounds amazing! I hope you have a great time. I also did hear the weather in Copenhagen changes quite quickly. Wasn't there a day it snowed in April?! Lol. But biking and swimming sounds wonderful. I guess you always need a jacket over there! I also love the Sumo Jacket. I have the Signature Sumo Jacket which is a huge staple piece in my wardrobe. I wear it throughout the whole year. But right now, I've been loving the Canvas Pleated Trouser a lot. I noticed you have been too. I got them in Beige and Cobalt Blue. Couldn't resist!

L: They are really pretty! I love them too! I am wearing the Beige ones right now. I enjoy how light the material is, but still structured and holds the lines of the pleats really well.

Z: Yes! Wait.. I'm wearing the Cobalt Blue ones right now haha. Different parts of the world but same uniform!! ❤

L: It's funny you say that about the Signature Sumo Jacket! It's an all year piece for me too! And it was actually the very first thing I purchased from 7115... I think 4 years ago...and it still holds up and the color looks really sharp. 😁

Z: That was also my first ever piece too! Before I joined and was visiting New York. I absolutely agree, I think I've owned the Black one for 3 years and it's still in amazing condition. But the Canvas Pleated Trouser is definitely part of my summer uniform. I also love how structured but light they are. I usually style it with our Signature Textured Linen Tee and any tanks work so well. Sometimes I throw on our Signature Dolman Shirt if I need a light layer. I also love the Signature Reversible Maxi for when it gets really really hot here. Such an easy to wear and beautiful dress! Also the Pleated Skate Trouser - Workwear Edition. They're also structured and have a really cool wide-legged look. What would you say your summer uniform looks like?

L: My summer uniform...always the Sumo Jacket - and I even wear it as a glorified cardigan on top of a tank... I really like the linen material the tanks are made of. The off-white color is my favorite! When Szeki told me she was making the Elastic Pull-up Trouser in the same oatmeal fabric as the Sumo Jacket I was dying.... That fabric is my favorite (and as you can see I love the Sumo Jacket) so the Elastic Pull-up Trouser in same fabric has actually been my favorite pants! And yeah summer-outfit repeater status for sure!

Z: Haha ohh yes the Elastic Pull-Up Trouser is a dream! So comfy and I have to agree about that fabric. The linen cotton mix is so soft and comfortable with a beautiful drape. Definitely understand why that's on repeat. Same for me!

L: Yes - the ease of those pants is incomparable... It's always a good day for the Elastic Pull-up Trouser :)

"In summer, I feel incredibly comfortable in my body. So it actually also makes me feel more physically free and in-tune."

Z: Agreed! Okay, let's do a lightning round! Tell me the first thing that pops to mind when I ask you the following. Ready?

L: Sure!

Z: What does summer sound like to you?

L: Soft wind in tree leaves... and you can hear that the wind is warm... I know that sounds weird, but it's different from winter wind lol. You?

Z: I love that! I always relate seasons to music! Right now I'm associating the song "Closetowhy" by Parcels to this season. It puts me in a good mood. I think this band is from Germany!

L: Oh I don't know them... Have to check them out...Oh yeah I have lists for seasons and mood... Favorite song to hear when I'm biking is Honne with "Location Unknown". Picks up my mood and goes good with the flying sensation of biking through the streets

Z: I will also look them up! What does summer smell like to you?


Z: For me, summer smells like chlorine and sunscreen! What does summer mean to you?

L: That my body melts... In summer, I feel incredibly comfortable in my body. So it actually also makes me feel more physically free and in-tune. I am very sensitive to cold, so when summer comes it's a big change for my body. You?

Z: Free and in-tune. That's wonderful! For me, I also feel freer. Like anything is possible! I always enjoy spending it with friends doing fun activities we wouldn't be able to when it's colder. Like going on road trips! It feels like a relaxing time.

L: Ooo yeah road trips! Have you gone upstate?

Z: Not yet! I actually have plans to go to the Catskills this summer. I'm excited to disconnect and spend some time camping and hiking

L: Upstate is beautiful. Used to always take staycations there when I was living in NYC. If you get near a restaurant called Cucina - I can highly recommend going! It's near the Catskills.

Z: I'm so excited! Staycations are a must in New York. Thank you for the rec, I will definitely look that up! Amazing! Thank you so much Laura for joining this chat. Take care and enjoy Berlin, Barcelona, and Copenhagen! We will chat soon. :)

L: Thank you so much! Enjoy New York and Upstate, that's going to be amazing.

Z: Byeee ❤

L: Bye bye