Inside Out: Raw Silk Capsule

One of the most common comments that we receive from customers who shop with us in-store pertains to the hand-feel of our fabrics. Time and time again customers comment on how much they enjoy the textures of the fabrics we use—whether it be the smooth tencel, the earthy cotton/linen blends or the velvet-y sand-washed silks. Hand-feel of fabrics is a big consideration for us when designing because if these pieces of clothing are to become part of your daily wardrobe we want them to feel comfortable and great on your skin. Even after eleven years, it still brings us the utmost joy watching customers run their fingers across the garments hanging on the racks and truly getting a feel for the collection. That’s one of the reasons why we love having a brick-and-mortar presence so much. It allows you, our customers, to interact with the pieces, to try them on and really see how it works for you. We understand that not everyone can make it in to our brick and mortar stores! And so, with the release of our latest capsule for spring/summer 2019, we want to give you as close of an experience online as possible, to feeling and trying on these pieces on in person. Why? Because this latest capsule has one of the most amazing hand-feels. Drumroll, please! Introducing: the Raw Silk Capsule.

What is raw silk?

It is the most natural form of the delicate silk fiber.

What does it feel like?

Running your hand across raw silk, the first thing you will notice is how different it feels. Raw silk is a nubby fabric. It has a rough texture with small bolts along the fabric. It lacks the slipperiness that most people would associate with silk and also feels lighter. If we had to compare its hand-feel to another fabric, it would draw similarities with cotton, but raw silk would also feel lighter than cotton.

What does it look like?

Since raw silk is matte, it does not actually look like most silks. Imagine instead a coarser fabric that looks like a mix between wool and cotton. Naturally raw silk is milky white in color, but it can be dyed to create rich, vibrant garments.

 What makes it so unique?

The natural variations in the fabric is the most charming feature of raw silk. Raw silk contains flecks and bolts in the fabric which occur randomly and will differ from yard to yard. No one piece will feel the same. 

How does it feel on?

Amazing! Raw silk is ultra soft with a flattering drape.  

What are some of the benefits of wearing raw silk? How does it fare in the summer?

It has many properties that make it an incredibly comfortable fabric to wear, especially during warmer weather. Raw silk is moisture-absorbent but doesn’t feel damp making it great for keeping you cool in the summer. It is high in tensile strength and has natural elasticity. This makes it a durable fabric that can move with you throughout your summer activities. Having said that, raw silk is temperature regulating so don’t pack them away once the summer is over. Repurpose them as base layers during the colder months. You can wear raw silk all year round if you wanted to.

How do I take care of raw silk?

While raw silk isn’t as delicate as other silks, it should still be treated with care. It’s important to note that raw silk is a protein based fiber, so it is best to keep raw silk garments out of direct sunlight when storing. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause unintentional damage to the garment. It’s also important to note that it has a lower resistance to abrasion. Be careful with rubbing up against surfaces.

What styles can I get in raw silk from the 7115 spring/summer collection?

Here’s a list of the styles that we currently offer in raw silk. You can find these styles in store and online in both a natural off-white or a navy.

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