Inside Out: Signature Collection Ramie

We’ve revamped the Signature Collection for 2020. New silhouettes. New colors. New materials. Over the course of the year we'll be introducing our updated Signature collection in smaller capsule releases. The first release from our update is a range of classic 7115 wardrobe building blocks, reimagined in a hardy, cool, and reliable ramie fabric.

What is ramie?

Ramie is a natural material that derives from the Boehmeria nivea, a nettle plant native to eastern Asia. It is a stiff, lustrous fabric with a silk-like feel that shares similarities with linen. Ramie fabric has a range of benefits that makes it desirable to wear all year round. 

Why we love it

Sturdy and durable. It's a practical fabric for all-day-wear. Ramie is highly absorbent and good at releasing moisture making it especially comfortable during the warmer months. Ramie fabric holds its shape well. That's why we used it to create our key workhorse Signature pieces where a little structure and strength goes a long way. 

What to expect

This Ramie capsule contains reliable and durable pieces you can wear day-to-day. They will keep you cool and comfy while you go about your day and will continue to look good and hold their shape over the years. These are simple cuts with intricate detailing. 


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