Introducing: The $28 Carry-all Bag

If you've been anywhere near our stores you may have heard us raving about the latest addition to our stores: the Carry-all Bag. And you're probably wondering what all the fuss is about. After all, it's not the first time that we've released a bag.

The reason why we're so excited about this release is because it's truly a bag that can be used across many different occasions in your life. The idea for this bag was largely inspired by our love for the sturdy cotton-linen fabric that we've been using to make our Signature Linen Sumo Jacket. We loved the heaviness and substantial drape as well as the texture of this cotton-linen blend so much that we began dreaming up other ways that we could put this fabric to use in our everyday lives. From there, the Carry-all Bag was born.

It's an open-top bucket-bag inspired everyday tote that is not only spacious but also versatile enough to work for both work and play situations. Thanks to the heavy drape of the fabric, it looks good at both maximum and minimum capacity. Not the mention, the texture and wide strap makes it a delight to carry.

If you haven't had a chance to stop by one of our stores to check it out, we've put together this guide to show you just a handful of the ways you can use this bag. 


Running an errand? Getting your 3pm coffee fix? This bag is perfect for keeping your hands free. The bucket-bag inspired silhouette is a stylish alternative to a canvas tote for when you're quickly ducking out and need somewhere to stash your phone, keys, and wallet.



Hopping to the local bodega to pick up a couple of last minute groceries for dinner? Thank goodness you've got this bag on hand! The robust cotton-linen material makes it great for hauling your fresh produce or pantry items from quick trips to the market or local grocery store.


Working remotely? Taking a meeting at your local cafe? You'll be surprised at how spacious this carry-all is. This will be your go-to for casual work-related situations. You can fit your daybook/project book as well as a small iPad or laptop. The black color is a polished and professional option, but if you're looking to show off a bit of personality to your work days, you may want to consider the turmeric.



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