Introducing: Yak Wool

This season we're proud to introduce a brand new wool yarn that we're working with to create our winter sweaters: Yak wool. We chose to work with yak wool this season for its unrivaled properties, extreme warmth and luxuriously soft hand-feel.

Where does yak wool come from?

Yak wool is a naturally warm wool that derives from the yak, an animal that belongs to the Bovidae Family. Yaks live in extremely cold and harsh environments, mostly in the mountains of Tibet and Nepal, at least 3000 meters above sea level. Due to their natural habitat, the wool that comes from the yak provides incredible warmth when worn. Yak wool is harvested by combing when the coat of the yak falls off annually between June and July.


Yak wool is 20% warmer than merino and just as strong as cashmere. Since the wool fibers are hollow, they are able to trap air and provide high warmth-to-weight ratios. This is why yak has excellent warmth retention. 


Yak has an incredibly soft, silk-like hand feel. For our range of yak sweaters, we've used a yak wool blended with a merino wool for extra softness. The yak/merino blend also enhances the beneficial properties of both fibers: their breathability, non-allergenic nature and resistance to odor. 


Yak wool has a high resistance to pilling and sagging, even moreso than cashmere. It also has a natural resistance to odor. Sweaters made from yak wool will be amongst the most reliable and durable sweaters in your wardrobe. You can keep them on high rotation for this winter and for many winters to come, with zero worries. 




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