Sharing Wardrobes: Introducing 7115 Unisex

Designing a unisex collection has long been on my mind. Working in the shop over the years, I heard from couples about how hard it was to find attainable menswear styles with the same textures and comfort as 7115 pieces. When I first began the journey of branching into unisex styles, I wanted to create pieces that would fill that void, make that search easier. Our first unisex style - the Chore Jacket - is the very best of what 7115 has to offer: elegant textures, thoughtful detailing, expert craftsmanship.
The chore jacket is a wardrobe staple, versatile enough to blend in with any outfit and aesthetic. The perfect layer for days that are slightly chillier than t-shirt weather. Inspired by french workwear, the chore jacket adds an effortless utilitarian feel to any outfit. This is a modern and thoughtful 7115 rendition of the iconic classic. 
Masculine yet soft. Sturdy but refined. We worked hard to ensure our design and textile choices worked cohesively to create a well-balanced all-year-round jacket with universal appeal.
Earlier this year, pre-social distancing days - we visited two longtime customers-turned-friends of the brand who were one of the many couples who inspired this release: Rachel and Jared. We asked them to take our Chore Jacket for a spin, while chatting with them about sharing wardrobes.
How did you two meet? 
Rachel: We are high school sweethearts. We met when we were 15 years old. I remember the first time talking to Jared in the library and thinking “I’m going to marry him.” No one believes me but it’s true. It was love at first sight.

Describe each other's personal style in three words
Rachel: Cultivated, classy, willing to have fun. 
Jared: Practical, masculine, whatever Rachel says looks good.
Who takes longer to get dressed in the morning?
Rachel: Definitely me. I like to think it’s because I have more fun with what I wear but each year, especially since having my first baby, I feel myself drawn to staple pieces that streamline the process of dressing. I’m trying to do this without losing the soul and creativity of it!
Favorite items of clothing to steal from each other's closet?
Rachel: We share a denim jacket from Wood Wood, it is size large so fits Jared just right and is perfectly oversized for me. Other than that I’m constantly borrowing Jared’s button-ups or plain cotton shirts to tuck into high-waisted trousers. Jared will steal my plain baseball cap but that’s about it. I definitely foresee more matching or shared items in our that 7115 is starting unisex! 
Rachel is wearing the Unisex Chore Jacket - Navy in a size XS. Jared is wearing a size L. 

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