Team Uniform: Julia's Signature T-Shirt Reversible Maxi

The Signature collection was designed to function as the seasonless building blocks of your wardrobe. This means that the styles within our Signature collection should be able to remain on high rotation all throughout the year. We decided to put together a monthly series to show you the different ways you can style your Signature pieces throughout the year.

For this series, you’ll be hearing from me—Szeki—here and there, but I’m handing over the keys to my team here at 7115. Every single one of them has a great sense of personal style and I am always inspired seeing how they wear their 7115 pieces whenever I rock up to work! The first team member I’d like to introduce you to is Julia.

One of Julia’s greatest passions in life lies in finding ways to be as resourceful as possible with the things she brings into her life. It stems from her love for the environment. “My friends and loved ones would call me an environmentalist of sorts, but I like to see it as a more holistic way of being intentional in my life,” says Julia. Whether it’s the clothes she purchases or the containers she uses to pack her lunch, Julia focuses on doing a lot with as little as possible. Her birthday wish this year was for her friends and family to use reusable containers whenever possible and she carries with her a reusable fabric pastry bag to pick up her croissants, muffins, bread rolls, et al. If you’re ever looking for ways to get as much mileage out of your 7115 pieces as possible and tick off that cost per wear box then this is your girl!

I love Julia’s style because she uses our simple and minimalistic designs as a blank canvas to imprint her fun and quirky personality onto. I think you will be really entertained to see just how different a piece can look on me compared to her and then compared to other members on our team! Hopefully it inspires you to get creative with the way you style your pieces too.


Hi everyone! My name is Julia. I work on the 7115 team, lending a hand on our sales and customer experience team.

I'm a sucker for quotes and I once came across this one on the interweb that really stuck with me: "Every single one of us makes an impact on the planet every single day, and we get to choose what sort of impact that is." -- Jane Goodall. I believe we could all benefit more from being more conscious of our actions and behaviors. For me, this translates to how I consume products in my daily life and also how I connect and communicate with people around me.

When it comes to clothing, this becomes a little tricky because there is so much! But ultimately, when it comes to dressing myself, I'm all about comfort and versatility. My ideal wardrobe should consist of key favorite pieces that can serve me in a multitude of ways and stay with me for years to come. And I'm excited to share with you today one of those closet staples: the Signature T-Shirt Reversible Maxi.

To my surprise, even in the colder months, I was gravitating to this dress non-stop because it is easy to throw on and pairs seamlessly with everything. It's simple and has a beautiful construction. Plus, it's two-in-one as you can wear either the v-neck side or the scoop-neck in the front. Here are some ways I’ve been enjoying styling this piece this past fall/winter:

Julia wears the Signature T-Shirt Reversible Maxi


On colder days and during transitioning seasons, I like to pair this dress with just a turtleneck underneath and some stockings or tights. It's the same grab-and-go look as in the warmer seasons, but just with a few extra layers to stay cozy and fight off the chills. I opt for a dark grey turtleneck or a hue that offsets the black, so the silhouettes and details are still visible. But black on black is always a classic look as well! Already, just by switching up the layers underneath the dress, I have a handful of different outfits. This is a straightforward and trouble-free outfit I have been sporting for casual or errand-running days.


Throw a sweater over! It’s as simple as that! Personally, I like to go with cropped sweaters because you can see the flow of the dress more. The best part about this dress is that its length and silhouette gives it a certain casual elegance and shape, so it stands alone great as well. I love that the length is slightly asymmetrical, something also fun to play with when choosing which side I want to wear in front. If I get warm once I'm inside, I can pop my sweater off and my outfit still looks put together and chic.


For a casual night out with the girls I would pair this with an elegant pair of closed toe heels and a coat (in the colder weather) or a long duster in the warmer weather. The advantage of owning simple and quality pieces is that they are easy to accessorize and elevate. With even just a pair of nice heels or strappy flats and some statement earrings, you are good to go. 

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