The Making of 7115 CPH

It's been over a month now since we first opened our doors here in Copenhagen. It’s been a crazy sequence of events beginning with an ambitious 30-day build out, a soft-opening of a new store, flying back and forth from New York for Thanksgiving and our Archive Sale, and then the CPH grand opening party last week. As we wind down for the year, I can now finally take a breath and sit down to reflect on the past few months. It has been such an amazing journey so far and I know it is only the beginning! 

It all started with a pipe dream. The idea of opening a new store in Copenhagen had been sitting in the back of my mind ever since the first time we travelled there to show our line for Copenhagen Fashion Week. For years, I had been yearning for growth, for a way to continue evolving 7115. I didn’t quite know what that entailed. When I spent some time in Copenhagen, speaking with fellow designers and observing the way people approached clothing as a means to help them get through their day, something clicked in me. It reminded me of the reason why we opened our doors in the first place and I felt like there was so much learning and growing that could be done if we had a second homebase for the brand in Copenhagen. But opening a store in a whole different country seemed almost ridiculous at first, so I filed that idea away along with some other pipe dreams of mine.  

Then, I fell pregnant and the idea sat even further on the backburner. But it wasn’t until my son, Cody, was born, that it didn’t seem so impossible anymore. After all, I managed to push a human being out of my body, so what the heck, I may as well give this idea my best shot and see what comes after. That was when Szeki 2.0 was born. 

I started laying down the tracks for 7115 CPH in February 2019. The idea was just to open a pop-up for a few weeks at first, to test out the waters. This August, during Copenhagen Fashion Week, I began location scouting for that pop-up. I made a secret wager with myself. If I could find a space for the pop-up during this trip then it was a sign that we should give it a go. If I couldn’t find a space, well, then we’d go back to the drawing board.

As fate would have it, I stumbled upon a gem along a precious little side street in the inner city of Copenhagen. Sweeping glass window front. Split level staircase. Beautifully aged concrete floor. Surrounded by numerous wonderful small businesses. The only catch was, this wasn’t a pop-up space for rent. This was a permanent space. Yet, the minute I walked in, I knew that we could make a home for 7115 out of here. To me, this was a sign. So just like that, I signed the lease before we flew back to New York, and within 4 weeks we had packed our bags and were heading right back to Copenhagen to make this dream come true.  

We had 30 days to build out the store. The space had been empty for years and while there was a lot of potential, there was also a lot of work that needed to be done to get it to that place. From day one we hit the ground running. 

We began researching and visiting all the local suppliers. We met up with our carpenter (they truly are super stars, you will see) to finalize all the custom furniture designs, sizes and materials. There were a few stressful hiccups here and there, like an import license delay (which could’ve meant a store with no stock—yikes), mould in the basement, some lighting and electrical issues, and a few other setbacks that you can expect to run into when opening a new store, let alone one in a different country. But no storms that we couldn’t weather. I managed to figure it all out and for a second there I felt like a wonder woman. I even picked up a few new trades (see: installing carpets in the change room like a pro) which helped us save a buck here and there.

In 29 days, the build out was done, with one day to spare. I guess the impossible was possible after all. 

Visit us at Klosterstræde 19, 1157 Copenhagen, Denmark or follow along on Instagram @7115cph

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