What we love: things bringing us joy

We've compiled a list of a few recommendations that have been bringing us joy this last week. These simple activities have helped to brighten the mood and are easy to incorporate into your routine. Hope it brings a little happiness to your days! 

Since quarantine began we have been making our own brunch at home, and Richard has perfected his scrambled egg recipe. Shallots + whatever fresh herbs that we have on hand, sometimes chives, sometimes basil (depends on which plants grow faster ..haha), salt and pepper, and a good amount of butter. Whisk ingredients together then fold and scramble over a high heat. It's super simple!! But super good!!


Another hobby born in quarantine. If anyone out there is looking into taking on an easy 1000 pieces puzzle challenge, please check out Martin Schwartz's. In a single illustrated puzzle, he is able to capture the soul and magic of iconic cities. I have done 3 already and I am planning on doing all of them. It's my way of "traveling" at the moment. :P 
For all my fellow parents in quarantine, this one's for you. I received Press Here by Herve Tullet this as a gift from good friend (Thank you, Ilana) who told me it was her favorite children book. At the time, Cody was only about 6 months old, so he didn't take to it right away. But he's a fully fledged toddler now who is curious and energetic - even moreso during quarantine it seems! This book has been great in helping us keep Cody entertained while indoors. It is the most wonderfully interactive book. The best part is that it's fun for the parents too. I cannot recommend it enough.
A little fresh air goes a long way. A little fresh air goes a long way. Been taking the long way to the store and savoring every moment of it.
Experimenting with a pair of our new Linen Trousers in Canary has been the highlight of my days. Wearing yellow is an instant mood lifter! If yellow bottoms aren't your thing and you're after something a bit more subtle, I recommend the Relaxed Square Top. It's easy to style and the roomy, boxy silhouette is perfect for the warmer days ahead of us! 

“I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness - it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.”

- Brene Brown

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