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Although we're all staying at home, we've been finding ways to travel to the outside world whether that be through books, television shows or films. We put together a list of a few recent favorites that have been a welcome distraction and transported us to different times and places. Here are some viewing options for your Saturday night in.


The West Wing 

Hands down, the best television show in the history of entertainment. It's always relevant. Always comforting. There is no bad season or episode. I strongly recommend this if you're looking for something uplifting but not cheesy. 



With so much time on my hands, I've also been taking this time to catch up on documentaries that I've bookmarked and never got around to. I'm a jazz fanatic, so one that I recently watched and really enjoyed was Jaco. This documentary highlights the life and career of Jaco Pastorius, who redefined bass playing not only for just jazz, but for the instrument itself.

What I also love about music documentaries in general is that on top of being educational, I always feel like I'm transported back to whatever time it takes place in. Plus, if you're looking for new music to listen to, these documentaries always feature a great list of songs and other musicians maybe you haven't heard of before and can look into. 


Like Water For Chocolate 

I've always found a lot of joy and comfort in watching people cook, but I think it's only further intensified since isolation started... what, with all the cooking we've been doing. Like Water For Chocolate redefines what a film about food can look like. This love story follows a woman named Tita, who channels her emotions into her cooking when she's forced to put her family and their traditions ahead of her own heart. It's just an incredibly spellbinding film. 


I've been binge watching French films and other independent films in the criterion collection. My favorites are by Jean-Luc Godard and Eric Rohmer. The interiors and clothing are what I find inspiring the most and they take me placed I can't go to at the moment! 

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