Winter Wide-Legged Trouser - FW20 - Off-White
Winter Wide-Legged Trouser - FW20 - Off-White
Winter Wide-Legged Trouser - FW20 - Off-White

Winter Wide-Legged Trouser - FW20 - Off-White

A heavy duty edition of our best-selling Wide-legged Trouser designed just for the winter. Flattering high-rise with side-zipper with single button closure. Minimal detailing allows for a neat fit at the waist and hips. This Cotton Twill edition of the Winter Wide-legged trouser has a structured form and a more workwear sensibility. This is a great alternative to wool trousers.   

What’s different about this edition?

This is crafted out of a functional cotton fabric. The outside of the trousers is a sturdy midweight cotton twill, whilst the underside feels like an unbrushed fleece. This means that pants are warm and cozy without needing an extra layer of lining. This item is not reversible. 

+ Details 

  • Color: Off-White
  • 100% Cotton
  • XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Model is 5’8 and wearing an S 
  • Made in small batch in Guangzhou City, China
  • Hand wash cold. Lay flat or hang to dry. Can be dry cleaned. 

+ Material 

A clever and hardworking fabric that will change the way you think about wearing cotton pants in the winter. This is a sturdy midweight cotton twill that is durable and easy to maintain. Cotton twill is a woven fabric known for its distinct diagonal pattern across the surface. Cotton twill is heavier than regular cotton and holds its structure well. It does not wrinkle easily, but when it does, a quick steam or light press can easily get rid of any wrinkles. It withstands dirt well and can be easily spot-cleaned or hand-washed. The unique property of this particular cotton twill that we’re using is that its underside has a completely different texture. Also a cotton, the underside is soft and feels a little like an unbrushed fleece. It keeps you warm and cozy. There’s no need for a lining, eliminating the bulk for a flattering fit. Since cotton is a natural fabric, it will eventually get softer with wash and wear, and colors may fade naturally over time. It’s all part of the charm. Overall, this is a fantastic material for fall and winter.

+ Sizing

We recommend taking your usual size and/or the measurement that sits best on your hip. This FW20 edition runs a touch bigger compared to our previous Signature and seasonal editions of the Wide-Legged Trouser. If you are unsure of sizing or interested in learning more about these trousers we strongly suggest emailing us at 

  • XS – Waist: 26”, Hip: 38”, Rise: 13”, Inseam: 27”
  • S – Waist: 28”, Hip: 39”, Rise: 13.5”, Inseam: 27”
  • M – Waist: 29”, Hip: 41”, Rise: 14”, Inseam: 27”
  • L – Waist: 31”, Hip: 43”, Rise: 14.5”, Inseam: 27”
  • XL – Waist: 33”, Hip: 44”, Rise: 15”, Inseam: 27”